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I had the incredibly honor of taking Charlotte brand photos of the amazing Tonya Leigh!

Tonya Leigh is a renowned life coach and the founder of the School of Self Image. She specializes in helping women transform their self-image and develop a positive perception of themselves. Tonya's approach emphasizes the importance of self-care, confidence-building, and embracing one's unique qualities.
Through the School of Self Image, Tonya Leigh offers various coaching programs, courses, and resources to support women in cultivating a healthy self-image. Her teachings revolve around empowering women to overcome self-doubt, embrace their worthiness, and cultivate self-love. By shifting their mindset and developing a positive self-image, women can improve their overall well-being, relationships, and success in various areas of life.
Tonya Leigh's work often incorporates elements of personal development, mindset coaching, and style empowerment. She helps women redefine their relationship with themselves and develop a strong sense of personal style that aligns with their true identity.

hair and makeup: Voga Beauty
House: Melissa Herriott

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